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09 Jan

Facebook Insights: Shows the Good and the Bad


Everyone knows that in the world of social, good news travels fast and bad news travels faster.

Fortunately, Facebook has just launched a new Insights feature that will allow admins to analyze which of their fans have provided negative feedback (aka the bad news) and provided ways to monitor it more closely (damage control). The tool, which has come out 7-years after Facebook started, adds to what we can learn from real-life conversation. Those of you who consider yourselves social scientists are probably wondering, like me, why a tool like this didn’t come out sooner. Was it too early before? Perhaps just a timing-is-everything-approach to the recent Insights launched earlier this year? We may never know. In any case, let’s thank our social programming stars and run with the new data.

The feature, not to be confused with sentiment insight, provides admins the ability to view the number of unique users that gave negative feedback on a Page post in addition to dialing in on the people who hid a post or reported it as spam. Now admins can view the ‘bad’ comments in addition to unsubscribe and hide analytics.

So how will admins do this damage control? With the new feature, admins will be able to identify which content resonates best with fans. This means, when content receives overtly negative responses from fans, admins can assess and alter the content strategy and thus eliminate any future negative snags.

Translation? People like you and me can now be more successful when managing client accounts. Prior to the update, we could manually go through the conversation threads but now we can better assess the responses after a post is made. Ultimately, dialogue will continue to grow as admins discover what posts identify well with fans and which don’t.


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